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Fully Adjustable Parapet Clamps

Available in steel or aluminum clamps for structurally reinforced parapet walls from 8 to 34 inches thick.


Out reach 16”, 20” and 24” from wall. 6 to 32” wall opening

Rated at 1500 lbs
Wt. 70 Lbs 
Part No. 154-45-20

Tank Top Roller


An effective rigging method fro access to pertoleum other storage tanks.  Steel rollers have shackles for tie-back and to support suspended load.  Capacity is 1000 lbs.


Wt. 45 lbs

Part No. 154-3

Steel Counterweight


Built-in handle for easy transportation.  Handle cut can be used to attach weight directly to I-Beam web.  Circular hole allows mounting to longhorns.


Wt. 50 lbs

Part No. 154-17

Beam Saddle


For flat positioning of Beam on Roof.  Accepts Beams & Truss from Rolling Roof Rig. 


Wt. 25 lbs

Part No. 154-28

Cornice Hooks


Available in 9, 14 and 18 in. sizes.  Optional Standoff keeps platform away from well.  1000 lb. rated working capacity.


Wt. 50 lbs

Part No. 154-17

Ring Grinder Roller


Similar to Tank Top Roller application.  Used where a steel ring girder is located around storage tank perimeter. Roller travels on rim of girder.  Capasity is 1000 lbs.


Wt. 25 lbs

Part No. 154-10

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